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Where smart property solutions meet 'controlled' success every time!

MaxDwell simplifies your property journey, focusing on your property transaction for a stress-free experience. Let us guide you to achieve your property goals with expertise and ease.



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Boosting Value, Maximising Selling Potential.

  • Review: Assess home condition, pinpointing strengths and improvement areas.

  • Recommend: Experts propose cosmetic enhancements for better appeal.

  • Declutter: Streamline space for a welcoming environment.

  • Preparation: Tradesmen ready your home for showcase, tackling repairs and garden upkeep.

  • Finance: Offer financing for prep costs, repayable at settlement.

Navigating Your Purchase with Expert Support

  • Market Research: Advanced tools and insights for tailored property searches.

  • Negotiation: Expert tactics to secure the best deals for you.

  • Transaction Management: From offer to settlement, ensuring smooth transactions.

  • Bulk Buying: Specialising in group purchases for the lowest prices.


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Unlocking Your Property's Maximum Earning Power.

  • Property Evaluation: Assessing to boost value and yield.

  • Cosmetic Upgrades: Enhancing appeal with aesthetic improvements.

  • Space Optimization: Strategic use of space to increase income.

  • Income Boosting: Strategies for higher rental and short-stay earnings.

  • Development Insight: Unlocking development potential for greater returns.

  • Project Oversight: Managing your project from start to finish.

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